Saturday, April 14, 2012

Color Cube Study - 1hr (edited)

Color cube study in gouache with CMY palette.
Perspective of the cube is definitely not perfect, but I wanted to focus more on improving my color sense. It is still very difficult for me to see the subtle hints of color in a lot of things, but I think I'm getting better in sensing warm and cool color.

Here's a second cube I did today (4/15).

Monday, April 9, 2012

Portfolio First Pass

I did say I would post up my finished portfolio but, of course, it's getting pretty late and I still have some more things to draw and scan in. Here's what I have so far: seven pages (it says 8 because it counted the cover as the first page).

Tell me what you think, whoever reads this blog.

Can't Sleep

I can't sleep so I'm working on the layout for my portfolio for the review...It's not much on the design of it, I want them to focus more on my stuff.

I'll post the full portfolio when I finish.