Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Flash Animation class Final!!

Barry the Office Worker

I would rather have it embedded here on my post, but the site I'm using to host it with doesn't seem to be embed friendly. I've also tried uploading to an old FTP I've used years ago but it kept getting errors when I uploaded my 300 kb swf file, saying it was too large.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I usually frequent a video game live streaming site called Vidya Shorts. One of my best friends, Brendan, is one of the main streamers on that site and the one who introduced me to the place about three or so years ago. The site is owned and run by the head streamer, loldbz, who with his peculiar sounding voice, provides hours of entertainment to hundreds of viewers.  Currently, he is streaming Final Fantasy X and he has never, ever played an FF game before. While it is still entertaining to watch a total newb play an FF game, loldbz goes the extra mile to make his playthrough one of a kind to the audience, such as spamming the insufferable "laughing" from THAT one scene along with pictures of Tidus.

Here's a link to a recording of a stream he did last Saturday, at the time where he shows all his Tidus laughing macros:

With the amount of fans that VS has, there are, of course, "fan art", mostly in the form of the banners on the site. I came up with an idea for a banner to coincide with his current game and came up with two versions.

This is the first version I did that includes an image of one of the macros he uses whenever he KOs a "tough" mob by Stone effect, which is the grey butt you see behind Vidya Shorts. I redrew the "Teedus" face in Flash and customized it to fit with loldbz's "avatar," a hot pink Link from Twilight Princess. Here is the second, censored version I did, just in case he didn't want anything "vulgar" on the main site:
Both banners are done in Flash!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


In preparation for our final projects, my ANI14 professor had the class paint each other's portraits. I find painting portraits fun and relaxing. It's much easier to work with shapes rather than line when it comes to figures. Of course, I still need a lot of practice to improve.

This is the first 20 minute portrait. My classmate was lit with a cool light covered with a blue gel slide. The shapes are coming together but I definitely need to improve on color and fix the values a bit.

 Here's my second 20 minute portrait. This guy was lit with the same cool light but this time with a green gel slide. I thought I would do a bit better job this time around, but the colors definitely came out way greener than it actually was. Hoping to do better job tomorrow and on my final project!

My Portfolio for BFA Program