Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 3 and 4!

I'm terribly late for the past three days!! Had a big family reunion so I'm still recovering from it a bit. I couldn't even do the digital painting assignment this week. :( I'm still gonna do it though because I need that experience!

This is my day three challenge: draw one, or some, of your friends. I thought a bit on who I was going to draw because I've met so many awesome people but I went with my three blood brothers: Brendan, Victor, and Andy. We've been through so much shit together, and after almost breaking apart, we are stronger than ever. Even though we haven't hung out as much as we used to because of personal obligations (marriage, busy work and school schedules), I know that we will always have each other's backs. I wanted to draw them in the style of Franklin Booth/Joseph Clement Coll, but I didn't have time (and I don't have much materials to use other than my tablet...)

This is my day four drawing: draw an animal you think is cute. Rediscovered the red panda just this year, and they're super adorableeeeee! Just watch this video:

ajlksdfjslajfls;kjflsadf CUUTTTTTEEE.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day Ni (two) - 30 Day Challenge

A day late since it was Christmas yesterday! Day two subject is someone I like whether it's a significant other, crush or celebrity, etc. I chose Rachel Weisz because she's an amazing, beautiful actress! I've had a girl crush on her for a long time, possibly from watching About A Boy (which is an amazing movie that I watched repeatedly with my cousins). And she's in Constantine, which not many people like but I love it!

Also that British accent. HNNNNGGHHH. She's also married to Daniel Craig whaaatt. That's a big bonus there.

I hope that I portrayed just a tiny bit of her beauty from this "reversal" hahaha.

Monday, December 24, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day Uno

 :) Stuck in the Philippines for a month so I went up and followed what I've seen a couple of my friends are doing for break, like this 30 day painting/drawing challenge. First day is to draw yourself or your persona. This is me, I guess. hahaha

Even though painting/drawing digitally feels a bit easier, it is quite challenging trying to evolve my traditional training to suit how I work in Photoshop. I came upon this realization when I fooled around with one of my characters I'm working on in PS. It'll just take more time and practice in order for me to smoothly transition in between modes!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Mr. Clean is serios bizniss. Just mucking about before I kick it into gear for finals.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Finally got a tablet!!! :D

Got a tablet of my very own just so I can start training myself in digital painting for next semester! Hoping to do a bunch over my winter break especially when I'm staying for a month in the Philippines and I don't think we have a ready access to the internet at our home there. So...less distractions! 

Here are two quick studies I did just now. Both shots from Skyfall, which has really great cinematography!!





It's definitely mind boggling to me to have all these assortments of colors in Photoshop and having to choose which one to use rather than just mixing and mixing to get the right one but I'm definitely having fun with it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Our blades are sharp"

After a few weeks of feeling dejected, thinking that I wasn't passionate and good enough to be in this major, and feeling uninspired, I received my second wind and now I can't wait to get started on some side projects during my winter break/vacation! Of course, there is the final push to finish my sack pantomine and zombie model, which I was terribly behind on but finally managed to catch up!

What I'm planning to do is to practice my digital painting to get ready for my viz dev class next semester and work on some character designs for a few of the many characters within A Song of Ice and Fire universe. I've already started taking down notes and doodled some designs for a certain bastard of Bolton and his "steward" whose name rhymes with weak. Hoping to upload a piece once semester ends (or hopefully when I get my tablet).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Sketchbookie wookie

Sorry. I lied about updates on my sketchbook, but here's a HUGE update for it!!

80 pages, 3 months.

I started and ended my sketchbook with self-portraits. I really enjoyed spending quiet moments with myself and studying how I can achieve different colors for my painting just from my face!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Update!!

Alriiiighty. I've been ignoring this blog since school ended. I'm going to start updating a bit more frequently now with updates on how my sketchbook is going. I do admit that I've been very lax on my progress on my sketchbook (in my opinion) and I'm doing my best to catch up by painting alot. It's the one thing I'm weak at that I mostly want to work on, along with perspective, of course.

So far I have a couple of portrait studies, like of my dad below, plein air, and still lifes!

(Sorry for the crappy picture! I'll scan it when I get back home.) I started this one when I was playing Skyrim and my dad was sitting across from me (my computer was set up on the dining table for a few days). The sun was setting and where my dad sat, the light and shadows on him were just amazing so I paused my game, told my dad to stay put so I could paint him for 20 minutes.
My dad was facing me with the setting sun to his back. The light was hitting him with a orange highlight on his right while on his left there was a strong reflected light shape from the sky. His face was mostly in shadow, which I probably did not get the color right! I decided to use a simple ultramarine blue and burnt sienna palette to practice my warm and cool sense.
He wanted to pose so he put his hand in front of his mouth, and of course, he was impatient and didn't let me paint the full twenty minutes!
The second portrait was just him watching TV and I was quickly trying to sketch in the colors, this time with the dining table lights on because the sun was minuscule at this point yet still light out. This time the colors switched sides because of the dinner lights.
I definitely still need some work on my neutrals and portrait sketches!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Flash Animation class Final!!

Barry the Office Worker

I would rather have it embedded here on my post, but the site I'm using to host it with doesn't seem to be embed friendly. I've also tried uploading to an old FTP I've used years ago but it kept getting errors when I uploaded my 300 kb swf file, saying it was too large.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I usually frequent a video game live streaming site called Vidya Shorts. One of my best friends, Brendan, is one of the main streamers on that site and the one who introduced me to the place about three or so years ago. The site is owned and run by the head streamer, loldbz, who with his peculiar sounding voice, provides hours of entertainment to hundreds of viewers.  Currently, he is streaming Final Fantasy X and he has never, ever played an FF game before. While it is still entertaining to watch a total newb play an FF game, loldbz goes the extra mile to make his playthrough one of a kind to the audience, such as spamming the insufferable "laughing" from THAT one scene along with pictures of Tidus.

Here's a link to a recording of a stream he did last Saturday, at the time where he shows all his Tidus laughing macros:

With the amount of fans that VS has, there are, of course, "fan art", mostly in the form of the banners on the site. I came up with an idea for a banner to coincide with his current game and came up with two versions.

This is the first version I did that includes an image of one of the macros he uses whenever he KOs a "tough" mob by Stone effect, which is the grey butt you see behind Vidya Shorts. I redrew the "Teedus" face in Flash and customized it to fit with loldbz's "avatar," a hot pink Link from Twilight Princess. Here is the second, censored version I did, just in case he didn't want anything "vulgar" on the main site:
Both banners are done in Flash!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


In preparation for our final projects, my ANI14 professor had the class paint each other's portraits. I find painting portraits fun and relaxing. It's much easier to work with shapes rather than line when it comes to figures. Of course, I still need a lot of practice to improve.

This is the first 20 minute portrait. My classmate was lit with a cool light covered with a blue gel slide. The shapes are coming together but I definitely need to improve on color and fix the values a bit.

 Here's my second 20 minute portrait. This guy was lit with the same cool light but this time with a green gel slide. I thought I would do a bit better job this time around, but the colors definitely came out way greener than it actually was. Hoping to do better job tomorrow and on my final project!

My Portfolio for BFA Program

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Color Cube Study - 1hr (edited)

Color cube study in gouache with CMY palette.
Perspective of the cube is definitely not perfect, but I wanted to focus more on improving my color sense. It is still very difficult for me to see the subtle hints of color in a lot of things, but I think I'm getting better in sensing warm and cool color.

Here's a second cube I did today (4/15).