Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 3 and 4!

I'm terribly late for the past three days!! Had a big family reunion so I'm still recovering from it a bit. I couldn't even do the digital painting assignment this week. :( I'm still gonna do it though because I need that experience!

This is my day three challenge: draw one, or some, of your friends. I thought a bit on who I was going to draw because I've met so many awesome people but I went with my three blood brothers: Brendan, Victor, and Andy. We've been through so much shit together, and after almost breaking apart, we are stronger than ever. Even though we haven't hung out as much as we used to because of personal obligations (marriage, busy work and school schedules), I know that we will always have each other's backs. I wanted to draw them in the style of Franklin Booth/Joseph Clement Coll, but I didn't have time (and I don't have much materials to use other than my tablet...)

This is my day four drawing: draw an animal you think is cute. Rediscovered the red panda just this year, and they're super adorableeeeee! Just watch this video:

ajlksdfjslajfls;kjflsadf CUUTTTTTEEE.

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