Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Finals are over yaaayy!
I knew from the start of this semester that I was going to go in hard by taking both 115 and 117A together, and I mentally prepared myself for a very challenging time. For the first few weeks, I kept my head above water, until spring break (and the weeks afterward) happened, and I found myself trying to get back to the surface.

All in all, I learned and improved so much this semester. Not just about how to tell a story and growing as an artist, but dealing and balancing people.

My 115 Reel, including the final, which was to animate a person sitting.

For 117, our final was a character design project. We had to develop an animal with a food cart. We started the process with doing 100 (or more) thumbnails with just a stream of consciousness and no editing. It's pretty relaxing to do with just a pen, paper, and nothing else to distract you.
In the end, I ended up with a Vietnam War veteran gray wolf selling Asian-Mexican fusion food from his cart that he pulls with a Triumph motorcycle.

I love food and I love to eat it, so I definitely had some fun mixing up different Asian food with Mexican food and what would taste good.

Looking back, there are definitely many things I want to improve on this before I put it on my portfolio, such as redesigning my character so I can have more poses/acting out of him and designing my cart to make it look like it's from the same universe as my character.

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