Friday, December 20, 2013

Fall 2013 Semester Review

The semester's finally over! I couldn't be any more proud of myself in finishing my classes and be satisfied of the work I've done throughout.

Along with an amazingly talented crew and a great director, Dave Yee, we finished Dave's short film, Jimmy Loves Juice! Apparently it is the first time that a crew has managed to finish a film within a semester despite doubts that it could not be finished. As one of the background leads, it was definitely an honor and a great learning experience working on this film!!

Here's the trailer: Jimmy Loves Juice Trailer

I've updated this blog a couple of times on my progress within my visual development class. Our last project was Robin Hood set in the California Gold Rush.

For this round, I was set on trying to paint realistically rather than stylized. It's something I never really touched upon digitally, and if I wanted to work for the video games industry (heck, even the film industry), I needed to get my realistic painting skills up. I also set myself the goal on finishing my environments because the last three times, the environments I've done did not get to the level where I could have taken them. Fortunately, we had 2 extra passes for this project and working on my environments taught me various things that I did not pick up on previously.

Over the break, I plan on working on my own personal take of Romeo and Juliet and use my acquired knowledge from this semester to bring out something great!

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