Saturday, January 11, 2014


I had a pretty rocky start when the new year rolled in, but I'm re-collecting myself, and pushing up the hill to get back to where I was at. For my Romeo and Juliet project, I'm still going through the process of switching story beats to fit the time/setting I wanted. A few days ago, I thought it was all smooth until I came into roadblock, but hopefully it's just me over-thinking into reality. Fortunately, I have character designs that are heading into where I want them to be. Meanwhile, I have been doing random things to get back into the flow.

Here are some studies of films I've been watching to get myself into the setting of my project:


Both of them are from The Butler, but I've also watched The Help and A Bronx Tale.
Other than the studies, I've gone out sketching with my friend, Catharina (her blog.), in Santana Row/Valley Faire.

I also went to the Anders Zorn exhibit for a second time as well. I just really wanted to take in as much as I can of his works while I still have the ability to look at them up close. His watercolors are just outstanding. Additionally, I went with a couple of friends to the Eyvind Earle Gallery in Carmel. I regret not being able to paint/sketch more while I was there but at least I saw some amazing paintings!

I also had jury duty for the second time within two months (because I accidentally asked for a postponement). I used a better part of my time working on my project and drawing the back of people's heads.

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